House Clearance & Barn Clearance

As a result of meeting so many people moving house through my transport enquiries, I found that some  were asking about the possibility of me providing a house clearance service. I do house/flat clearances, garage clearances and also do barn clearances! 

Please do not just scrap, tip or burn everything as many things can now be upcycled or re-used!

Some people simply do not want to go through the sometimes time consuming process of selling off house contents. Arranging for people to view and they don't turn up, haggling on price or simply they do not live near to the property. 

It works like this, a client would like to have the house or barn emptied and so they contact me. I look at my costs to do the job such as fuel time etc. I then assess whether any items have a value to me. If we agree that the value is equal to my costs then the client pays nothing to get the property emptied. If however the value is higher than my costs, I would look to pay the difference. On the contrary, if the costs are much higher than value of items I would then charge the client to cover this difference.

This service is particularly important in France as a seller should make sure that when a property is sold, it is emptied before the new occupier takes ownership!
Otherwise the new owner may get it cleared and charge the seller.

I operate this service within a radius of my base in Oradour sur vayres, Haute Vienne. Areas covered include Limousin, Dordogne & Poitou Charentes

If you require my services for a house, barn or garage clearance then please contact me with the details of property, size, type, location and it's contents.