terms & conditions of frenchvanman

Frenchvanman is in no way connected, nor do I have any dealings with the UK based THE FRENCH VAN MAN operating from the UK in Reigate.

1. There is a 2 hour minimum charge on all jobs. After these times, rates are charged in half hour increments.
2. If you are quoted a fixed price job, the price allows 1 hour for loading/unloading at each end. If a fixed price for the job has been given this price may be varied if a) the quantity of goods has increased, b) the floors between the goods has varied &/or c) the number of people to assist with the move has varied without prior notification to me.
3. Additional time will be charged if I have to wait beyond the pre-arranged collection/delivery times. The quote provided is on the assumption that I will be able to park within 20 metres of the pick-up point. I reserve the right to revise a quotation if parking distance is in excess of this.
4. There is a minimum charge of €60 for goods going to the recycling centre (tip).
5. Please give as accurate description of any stairs, lift and difficulties that I might find in moving items out of the property.
6. Parking must be arranged by you and it is your responsibility to ensure that parking is available. Any parking fines must be paid by you at the time of the job.
7. Jobs running over the estimated completion time will be charged at half hour increments.
8. 50% of fixed price is payable at time of booking (this is non-refundable) and balance to be paid on delivery either by cash or French cheque payable to S Marshall.
9. Job arrival times are estimated. Although I do my best to be on time, circumstances out of my control may cause delays. I usually telephone 1 or 2 hours prior to arrival to confirm the time. I reserve the right to reschedule any bookings made due to hazardous or unsafe weather conditions. This may come with an additional fee depending on the date of the rescheduled booking.
10. I reserve the right to refuse removal of items from parts of premises which, in my opinion, constitute a health and safety risk to either to me or other persons.
11. If I conclude that the work cannot be carried out without damage to property or possessions but you (the client) wish for the work to be undertaken you take full responsibility for the damage and therefore waive any right to claim against me.
12. I will not under any circumstances remove any items that require plumbing or any other form of professional disconnection. All items you wish me to remove must be disconnected prior to the move.
13. The total weight of any full load should not exceed 1250Kg. Should this be exceeded and penalties incurred from the authorities, you will be liable to pay the penalty in full.
14. Any claims are subject to a non-refundable excess of €500.00  
15. I will only accept responsibility for items while in transit and not any damages whilst it is being moved to or from the van. Should you need further cover for your move, please contact an insurance broker and obtain appropriate levels of cover.
16. Cancellation: If you postpone or cancel within 14 days of the date of the job you will be charged the booking fee plus 25% of full value of the job (the minimum charge). Cancellation within 48 hours of job date requires 100% of the job fee to be payable. I reserve the right to cancel or change dates and times.
17. I will be as flexible as I can if a reschedule is needed but this may incur charges if other parties are involved.
18. Privacy Policy: I do not store any financial details nor will pass on this information to any other 3rd parties.
19. You must notify me of any visible loss, damage or failure to produce any goods at the time of delivery, as I accept no responsibility for loss or damage to property after a job is complete, payment is received and I have left the premises. Thank you, Scott. French Van Man